We are MedweiSer

Who we are

We’re comprised of designers, engineers, and clinicians looking to redefine the healthcare industry and making quality care accessible. MedweiSer Health is creating an experience that is truly beneficial for both healthcare experts and users. We decided to make it easy to find accessible quality care for our users. Our mission: Making healthcare affordable & accessible.

Our Services

  • Accessible quality healthcare.
  • Early diagnosis thus treating diseases early in its course with AI-based Symptom Checker.
  • Check coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms with COVID-19 Screening App.
  • Track live coronavirus cases with COVID-19 Tracker.
  • Treatment by means of telecommunications technology.
  • Doctors can discuss and solve real live clinical cases with Clinic Hours.
  • Get your diet back on track by following an eating plan that is 100% tailored to your body with Diet Chart.
  • Learn about diseases, innovative treatments within minutes, and view rare medical conditions with HealthFeed.